Want to make a ringtone out of a portion of your favorite song? To sing along, do you require a karaoke track? Or eliminate the annoying speech that comes on before a song begins? The best equipment is here for you!

If you enjoy music, you probably have a sizable collection of your favorite songs.

However, it can be challenging to store all the audio files on the hard drive. Large MP3 file management also becomes challenging. An audio trimmer will come in handy here. Prior to now, you had to download various tools and determine which one was best for you. You can now use audio trimmers that are available online without doing that.

You can quickly complete your work by using the online MP3 cutter whenever you need to remove specific audio segments. Your hard drive will be able to store more data this way without having to download and install anything.

The quality must be maintained, which is the most crucial factor to take into account when using any online audio trimmer. It is not worthwhile to use an online tool if it cannot maintain the audio quality.

To make things simple for you, here is a list of some of the top audio cutter and trimmer websites.


Rev is a totally free audio editing program. You must use the tool to trim out the unwanted audio portion after uploading the audio file. You can choose the piece you want to keep with ease thanks to the vertical dragging bars.

AAC, M4A, WAV, OGG, ALAC, and FLAC are just a few of the audio file formats that the Rev Online Audio Trimmer tool is compatible with. An Mp3 file of the output is made available.

When it comes to quality and privacy, you can completely rely on this online tool. The servers do not receive any audio files that you upload here. It’s only reachable on your gadget.

Numerous audio file formats, including MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, OGG, ALAC, and FLAC, are supported by the Rev Online Audio Trimmer tool. Mp3 format is made available as the output.

When it comes to quality and privacy, this online tool is completely reliable. There is no transmission of any audio files you upload here to the servers. Only your device can access it.

  • There are readily available options for trimming, clipping and cutting videos.
  • a clean interface and a surface for video editing that is simplified.
  • Operations with video and the automatic production of multi-channel videos.
  • Consistent video branding.
  • Background of campaign videos did.


Users can quickly and easily reduce a video’s length using the WeVideo online video trimmer. With the help of the online tool, users can add videos from their devices or social media accounts, trim them by dragging and dropping them, choose the scissor icon to remove a section, highlight the section they want to get rid of, and add music or effects to finish the video.

Users can export the file to their system once the video is satisfactory. WeVideo has a number of features, such as the ability to add music or text to a finished video, edit it simply by dragging and dropping elements, and quickly trim the video to get the desired effect.

  • Without the hassle of additional software installation, it runs online.
  • It runs securely and quickly.
  • It accepts all video file types as input and output.
  • Clean, simple, and intuitive interface right away.
  • Additional video conversion functionality.

MP3 Cut

You can easily trim audio files online with MP3 Cut by uploading the audio file, using the sliders to choose the desired section, and then selecting “Cut.” The best tool for creating phone ringtones is this one. Making the ideal ringtone for your phone is possible with the fade in and fade out effect. Even the audio track can be taken out of the video or film.

On your computer, you don’t need to install any programs or editing tools. With a few clicks, you can edit and trim any song in the best quality. Over 300 different file formats are supported by the platform. The best part about this is that you can even make the ideal iPhone ringtone in M4R format. By trimming the audio, you can create an audio file that is exactly 40 seconds long to upload directly to iTunes.

MP3 Cutter

You have access to the precision cutting feature with the Online MP3 Cutter. Either drag the sliders to the start and end positions, or type the start and end times directly into the box. Your ability to visually see where the audio file might need to be cut is made possible by the song’s waveform.

You can remove specific undesirable audio segments by cutting them out using the new audio remover feature. The selected section will be eliminated, and the audio file will be saved without it.

The options for fade-in and fade-out can be used to make the trimmed audio sound natural. After cutting the audio, you can even convert it to any other file format using the tool. The majority of file formats that you might use are supported by the tool.

Audio Trimmer

With just a few clicks, you can trim the audio with the help of the Audio Trimmer tool. The files that you upload for trimming and cutting are kept on the server for two hours before being deleted from the server. With this audio trimmer, all the common audio formats are supported.

The fact that this audio trimmer can be used on mobile phone browsers is its best feature. So you can easily cut the desired audio segment and directly upload the song to the browser on your mobile device.

  • accessible tools for cutting, trimming, and clipping videos.
  • a clean interface and a surface for video editing that is simplified.
  • operations with video and the automatic production of multi-channel videos.
  • Consistent branding in video.
  • Put campaign-related background videos in.


Wincreator is a user-friendly online MP3 cutter that is fairly straightforward. Either use your computer’s file browser or drag files directly onto a website to access them.

Consequently, begin as you mark the wave bar markers for the wave’s beginning and you can now listen to the audio clip and click “OK” to start recording it if everything is in order..

The audio file must be downloaded and listened to after it is finished. In addition, Wincreator offers many other features that you can check out, including downloading videos, making memes, cutting videos, converting videos to MP3, and more.

Audio Alter

With a 50 MB file size limit, the Audio Alter online MP3 cutter and trimmer supports a wide range of file formats. With the help of this online audio cutter, you can cut out specific segments and save them. You can easily do it with this online trimmer, whether it’s your favorite part of the song or you want to keep a new ringtone.

The interactive audio trimmer allows you to trim precisely while showing the song’s waveform. Your decision regarding which portion to eliminate is now made simpler. All you have to do is upload the file, make the necessary adjustments to the audio player’s handles for trimming, and then download the finished, trimmed file.

  • Make a presentation, slideshow, and video, then edit and compress them.
  • It permits the flipping and rotating of clips while trimming a video.
  • Make the videos faster or slower by adjusting their speed.
  • combine, edit, and resize videos.
  • Increase or decrease the volume of the videos while adding various audio tracks.


Although Kapwing appears quite sophisticated, it is merely an audio trimming tool. Any device with browser support can use this online audio trimmer. Opening the Kapwing Studio gives you a ton of options for trimming or cutting any audio file.

Before publishing the complete episode, podcasters can share a teaser on social media. Before releasing the entire song, singers can make a portion of it available for preview. Trimming the audio allows you to quickly create sound effects, ringtones, and more.

It is an ad-free, completely free online trimming tool. Your audio files won’t suffer from poor quality. With Kapwing’s assistance, you can online crop videos without watermarks. Drag your clip to the appropriate spots to trim. This video trimmer is the quickest tool to cut your video to the outcome you want. Use it easily and for free online video trimming with a variety of video formats and no watermark.

  • merges splits, and trims videos while supporting 4K and HD resolution.
  • The ability to slow down or speed up video is controlled.
  • Audio tools and collaboration.
  • overlay of text and a brand.
  • built-in resources for a media library.


An audio cutter for cutting MP3 files is offered by the Wondershare Online UniConverter. You can easily create a new ringtone from your favorite song. It is simple to use the tool to quickly obtain the trimmed audio file. You can even add fade-in and fade-out effects to the audio track to achieve the ideal sound.

You needn’t worry about your system’s format requirements because the Online UniConverter supports all common audio formats. Any video file can have its audio extracted using this online tool. Additionally, you can enter a YouTube URL or upload files from Dropbox or Google Drive. All uploaded files are removed from the servers within 24 hours, ensuring complete privacy.

Apple MP3 Cutter

If you have an iPhone, Apple MP3 Cutter is the best choice, and it is available on the App Store. Any MP3 or M4A file can be easily cut on your device. Your ringtone, alarm tone, notification tone, or even a favorite section of a song can all be included in the audio file that is created. Even better, you can send your friends an online link to the edited audio file.

Additionally, the app enables you to record live audio and edit it by removing unwanted parts. The touch interface makes it simple to set the beginning and end of your audio file. Additionally, the editor gives you the choice of directly setting any edited audio file as a contact ringtone through the app.

Online Trim Tools

Video Trimmer

Online Video Trimmer: Trim any video format, including MP4, AVI, MPG, and WebM.

trimming videos

Any video format, including MP4, AVI, MPG, and WebM, can be cut using an online video trimmer.

Sound Editor

Online Audio Trimmer: Trim/cut.mp3,.wma, and other audio files

Trimmer for audio

.mp3,.wma, and other audio files can be cut or trimmed online.

Cutting MP3s

Cut and trim MP3 audio files online with this tool.

MP3 Cutter

Cut and trim MP3 audio files online with this tool.

Last Words

An audio cutter and trimmer are a necessity if you enjoy listening to music. You can quickly edit audio files online while also saving space. You only need to access an audio trimming tool, upload your audio file, and have it cut according to the selected segment.

So, we’ve come to the end of our blog post about the top online video trimming tools. Which video cutter do you want to try first? Which online video trimmer for large files? Reread our article, put the advice to use, then take pleasure in your edited video.