Even though everyone online prefers listening to reading, there are still rapidly dwindling attention spans to be concerned about. Any audio you want to share online is probably too long for most people to listen to. We’ll give you an example of how to compress a song.

How does the audio get cut?

There are times when the entire song is just too long. Imagine a great new song is playing on the radio or you just happen to hear it while browsing the internet. You suddenly realize that only a portion of it needs to be your phone’s ringtone for that one person or client who requires special attention.

Who, though, has the time to figure out how to use a difficult piece of software? Additionally, how precisely is a song cut? Cropping music is incredibly simple and quick when using Clideo’s online tool, which you can use for free. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Discover simple audio cutting techniques-

A how-to guide for song editing

It often happens that you need to cut a song but the required software is either not available or is too complicated. A simple answer to this issue is provided by these online music-chopping tools.

It operates online, so you don’t need to install anything on your computer, so you can start cutting as soon as you open a browser. The simple steps for completing the task are listed below, along with guidelines on how to do each of them:

  1. Open a browser and navigate to mp3cut.net.
  2. The following step entails opening the file from which you wish to extract a section.

Using our program, you can open a file that is saved on your computer as well as a file that is hosted on YouTube or SoundCloud.

To open a file stored on your computer’s hard drive, click “Open file.” In terms of formats, our application supports the cutting of tracks in MP3 or any other audio or video format. The cutter will eliminate the audio track when a video file is opened.

  1. The interval you want to shorten must be selected by dragging the blue sliders after the song has been opened. Using your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard, you can drag them around.
  2. The song’s volume can gradually increase from a soft opening to a loud finish. Making a ringtone with it could be useful. To accomplish this, activate the “Fade-in” feature.
  3. Any format is available for file saving. As the default, MP3 is the most typical and case-appropriate format.
  4. “Cut” should be chosen.
  5. Click “Download” in the pop-up window that appears to choose the folder on your computer in which to store the music clip you have cut.

How quickly can you crop an MP3 online?


Include sound

  • Whether using a PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone, choose a file. You can also choose a file from your Dropbox or Google Drive account and drag it directly onto the website page.


A song that has been cut

  • Decide which audio segment to play. It can be extracted or deleted using the MP3 Music Cutter. Then select either Crossfade, Fade in, or Fade out from the checkboxes. Change the audio format after that; MP3 is ideal for ringtones.


Download the music

  • Save your file to your laptop, phone, or cloud storage after it has been processed.

How to upload a file

  • Anyone using a computer should be able to upload files. The ability to display files to others can be extremely helpful for even straightforward tasks like posting on forums. You just need to know how; it’s easy (and usually free).

Locate a website that allows you to upload files to their server. There are numerous websites created specifically for this purpose, and none are the best for all users and files. Consider these factors when selecting one to use:

  • They accept what kinds of files. For instance, while most websites forbid it, some of them are pornographic sites.
  • Nearly all of them have file size limitations.
  • Has their bandwidth been sufficient?
  • How much are the services priced? The majority are unpaid, but be wary of advertisements.
  • When will uploaded files be deleted?
  • Are they acceptable in their privacy practices?

Then select “browse.”

Your desired file should be located and chosen.

To upload a file, select it.

Why should your online music be cut?

Mp3 Cutter Online

Without downloading any complicated software, you can edit MP3 tracks and other audio files online.

Do you want to remove a specific section from your favorite song? Perhaps you want to edit your audio recordings to eliminate unwanted noises?

If so, all you need is this free audio cutter online.

Simple to Use

It is useful and totally free! Audio editing is incredibly easy with our user-friendly interface. You only need to upload your track, choose the section you want to remove and click “crop.” Within a few seconds, your trimmed soundtrack will be ready!

You can download Audacity, an open-source program if you’re looking for a fully featured audio editor.

Smartphone Friendly

It is designed to operate on the majority of contemporary devices, including tablets and smartphones.

On the browser of your mobile device, you can directly cut songs, music, and audio recordings. No need to download any programs or apps from the web!

How can mp3 files be cut online?

It’s very easy to cut and trim mp3 files using the Audio Trimmer:

  1. Pick an audio file from your local hard drive, whether it be an mp3 or another type.
  2. If your browser is audio-capable, it will begin playing right away. If not, click Upload.
  3. To select the portion you want to cut, drag the handles, then click Crop.
  4. Now you can download your trimmed audio file. The audio file you’ve edited is now available for download.

Making Ringtones Online

Using Audio Trimmer, follow these simple steps to make a ringtone:

  1. Select the song you want to edit from your device’s catalog.
  2. You can choose the section you want to use as your ringtone by dragging the handle.
  3. If you want to apply fade effects, choose between Fade in and Fade out, or choose both.
  4. Keep the original audio format for other devices or select the m4r format for the iPhone.
  5. To download your ringtone, click Crop.


Should I use WAV or MP3 for Final Cut?

Mp3 files should never be used in your Final Cut Pro video projects, in general. You wouldn’t want to insert an already compressed audio file into FCP because you’ll probably be compressing your project for delivery in some way.

Can an audio file be cropped?

On the slide, choose the audio clip. The Playback tab’s Trim Audio button is located under Audio Tools. Click the Play button in the Trim Audio box to listen to your audio clip and decide where you want to cut it. Click the pause button once you are at the desired cutting point.

How can I crop an audio file in MP4?

Select Audio Tools, then select Trim Audio. To trim the beginning of the audio clip, drag the green marker to the new starting position on the left. To shorten the audio clip, move the red marker on the right to the new ending position. On your PC, save the audio file after being edited.

Which audio file is most suitable for editing?

The ideal audio format for video editing is MP3.

The best case scenario is to use uncompressed formats like WAV or AIFF whenever possible. They’ll give you the most latitude in the post, and they have the most support.

Which audio format on YouTube has the highest quality?

FLAC, MP3, WAV, and AAC audio files can be uploaded to YouTube. Here we recommend FLAC and WAV for a better audio experience. However, MP3 is the best audio format for YouTube to avoid compatibility issues when editing audio on a computer.

How do I rip MP4 to MP3?

How to use a VLC media player to extract the audio from an MP4 video file and convert it to MP3.

  1. VLC media player should now be open.
  2. Convert/Save after choosing Media from the toolbar.
  3. After that, click Add and choose your MP4 file from the File Selection box.
  4. Afterward, click Convert/Save.
  5. Select Audio - MP3 next from the Profile dropdown box.

What distinguishes MP3 and WAV from each other?

When compared to WAV files, which typically have a bitrate of 1,411 kbps at 16 bit, MP3 files can have bitrates that range from 90 kbps to 320 kbps. This distinction in bitrate alone demonstrates how MP3s lose quality when they are compressed.

Are MP3 files video or audio?

Only audio is compatible with the MP3 file format. The MP4-compatible devices can play both audio and video with ease. Only the audio files that are stored in devices that support MP3 can be played.

Why is WAV the most effective audio format?

All CDs are encoded using the same format, WAV (high resolution). It has excellent sound quality, but is uncompressed, resulting in large file sizes (particularly for hi-res files).

Which audio format has the highest quality?

The ideal format for sound quality is a lossless audio file format. FLAC, WAV, and AIFF are a few examples. Due to their superior or equivalent CD quality, these files are referred to as “hi-res.” These files will be very big as a result, though.

Which format is superior to MP3?

AAC files, also referred to as MPEG-4 AAC, are excellent for streaming, particularly over mobile devices, and take up very little space. The AAC format is supported by iTunes/Apple Music, YouTube, and Android and uses less than 1 MB per minute of music while sounding better than MP3 at the same bitrate.